What are the Hardware Tablets / Smart Phones that are compatible?

- All Android Tablets and Mobile Phone (Andorid 5.0 and Above) are compatible - All iPad and IPhone ( iOS 8.0 and Above) are compatible - All Windows Tablets (Windows 10), All-in-One Multi Touch are compatible Note: Our solutions are built for Touch Screen interface

What hardware devices do you recommend?

We recommend Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 + Keyboard. It comes along with a S-Pen too! Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a very good choice too!

Do I need to purchase the receipt printer and cashdrawer?

We are encouraging all our Salon Client to go Digital. You know, in a cashless society, where E-payment becomes the Norm, we can do away with Receipt Printer, and Cashdrawer. We issue digital receipts as well. Nonetheless, yes, you can purchase the receipt printer and cashdrawer. We recommend Epson Intelligent Series Cloud POS Receipt Printer, and Heavy Duty Cash Drawer.


How long do your software subscription last?

We are going on an annual suscription basis, to help reduce the administrative and renewal burden of our salons.

When and how will I know if my subscriptions are ending?

We will prompt you when your subscription is ending when your login into the service from the following sequence: a) 1 month before end date b) 3 weeks before end date c) 2 weeks before end date d) 1 weeks before end date e) 5 days before end date f) 3 days before end date g) 1 day before end date You can also check your subscription status in the Subscription Settings within Branch Manager Tool

What is the minimum subscription I need to get started?

If you are a salon business owner, you will need minimum: a) 1 X Front Desk Tool b) 1 X Branch Manager Tool to get started. Depending on your salons size, you may scale up or down the number of Stylist Tool, Assistant Tool and Freelancer Tool , based on the number of your salons stylists, assistant and Freelanceer


Where are you based at?

We are based at the little red dot, Singapore.

Can I use your software if I am based in say Malaysia?

Yes, our solution is cloud-based, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. As long as you have an internet connection and a touch screen computing device to login, you should have no problem using it. For better service support, and higher speed of access, please Contact Us for further information. We are currently looking to appoint Distrbutors/Deployment Partner to provide better localised support.


Can my company partner or collaborate with you?

Please contact us at veon@gamuraitech.com and let us know. While we cannot promise this off-hand, we will earnestly look into a mutually beneficial partnership or collaboration between us to better serve our clients and users together. :)


What is our Vision?

We are working towards making VEON@Experience as the De-Facto Industry Digital Software Standard for all stylist, and salon operations deployed around the world.. A truly Made-in-Singapore , For the Global businesses.